2020 Candidates for Student Representative to the EXCOM

Zach Moran

My name is Zach Moran and I am a current Ph.D. Student at Baylor University. My current research focuses on the trophic dynamics in the Brazos River, Texas. Specifically, I am studying how excessive nutrient inputs from wastewater treatment plants and tributaries flow through the food web using stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogen.

I have been a proactive member of SDAFS since 2012, serving the Arkansas Tech Subunit as their treasurer. The most notable achievements of my fisheries career are being awarded “Best Graduate Student Paper” for my work with Blue Catfish, and a paper I coauthored received the Jack Dequine award for “Outstanding Paper” by SEAFWA.

I believe I would be an excellent candidate for student representative since I have accrued a massive amount of experience since deciding to enter the field of fisheries. I have studied fish and aquatic ecosystems in five different states (and a U.S. territory) and worked for and collaborated with multiple state agencies. I also served as head chair of the Graduate Student Council during my masters.  These experiences have broadened my perspectives on fisheries conservation, academia, and government agencies that I can use to represent my fellow peers. I thank you for your consideration. -ZM

Bonnie Myers

Personal Statement

Bonnie Myers is a PhD candidate in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology at North Carolina State University. She received her B.S. in Fisheries Biology and Management from the University of Wyoming and M.S. in Fish and Wildlife Conservation from Virginia Tech. She is a Career Pathways Intern with the United State Geological Survey National Climate Adaptation Science Center.

In her PhD, Bonnie is investigating the impacts of extreme events on fish biotic resistance and resilience in Caribbean freshwater ecosystems with a focus on native and non-native fish dynamics and is quantifying the value of freshwater fishing activities in Puerto Rico. Her goal is to increase understanding of the impacts of climate change on natural resources in tropical systems to help managers develop climate adaptation strategies.

Bonnie served as the Treasurer for the Virginia Tech Chapter of AFS while working on her M.S. and has presented at many national and chapter AFS meetings. She is dedicated to fisheries research and management in a changing climate and wants to broaden her network and research impact in the southern U.S. She would proudly serve in the role as the SDAFS student representative and be a voice for student priorities, ideas, and involvement.