2022 Secretary-Treasurer Candidate Biographies

The following are candidate Biographies for the position of Secretary-Treasurer. Votes can be cast here.

Brandon Peoples

2022 Candidate for Secretary-Treasurer

I am an Associate Professor of Fisheries Ecology in my 7th year at Clemson University. I earned by BS at Arkansas Tech in 2007 and my MS at Virginia Tech in 2010. After my MS, I worked as an Aquatic Ecologist at the Arkansas Dept. of Environmental Quality. I went back to Virginia Tech and earned by PhD and collegiate teaching certificate in 2015. After a short postdoc at Purdue University, I started as an Assistant Professor at Clemson. During that time, I also wrote for The Fisheries Blog from 2013 to 2020.

At Clemson, I teach Ichthyology, Fisheries Techniques, Fish Ecology, and a quantitative ecology course. I also lead two sections of undergraduate research and co-advise our Clemson AFS subunit. Our research team studies a variety of topics in freshwater fish ecology and conservation, including conservation ecology of imperiled fishes, bioassessment and conservation planning frameworks, flow-ecology relationships, species interactions, and invasive species. Our students are active in presenting and volunteering at AFS Society, Division, and State meetings, and many have come home with best student paper awards.

I have been involved in AFS since 2003. I served as president for the Arkansas Tech subunit (06/07) and the Virginia Tech chapter (08/09). I edited the SDAFS newsletter from 2012 to 2014, and administrated the SDAFS listserv from 2015 to 2020 (sorry for all the emails). I served on the AFS Publications Overview Committee from 2015 to 2021, serving as chair from 2018 to 2021. I was also an associate editor for the Catfish 2020 special issue of North American Journal of Fisheries Management (2019-2021) and co-authored a chapter in the recently published Methods for Fish Biology, 2nd Edition. Most recently, as a member of the South Carolina chapter I served on the SDAFS Charleston 2021 program committee by organizing the symposia and plenary speakers.



Brandon Simcox

2022 Candidate for Secretary-Treasurer

Brandon currently serves as the Rivers and Streams Program Coordinator for the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency where he oversees the restoration of Alligator Gar and Lake Sturgeon, and coordinates TWRA’s trout program among many other projects in the state.  He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Tennessee (2009) and earned his master’s degree from Auburn University (2012) where he studied fish passage and movement of large migratory fishes at lock and dams.  Prior to returning to Tennessee, he worked as a fisheries biologist for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission focusing on riverine projects related to habitat restoration, water withdrawals, and fisheries monitoring.

Brandon has been an active member of the American Fisheries Society for approximately 15 years and has served in multiple capacities at the sub-unit, chapter, and division levels.  He served as president of the student sub-unit at the University of Tennessee (2008-2009), vice-president for the Auburn University Chapter (2011-2012), president of the Tennessee Chapter (2020), and currently as co-chair of the Southern Division Alligator Gar technical committee.

“The experiences and connections that I have made through AFS have been an invaluable part of my career development. I am excited and honored to be considered for the opportunity to continue to serve AFS at the Southern Division level as Treasurer/Secretary.”