Day of Service

2018 SDAFS Conference Day of Service March, 8th 2018
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We’re still in need of funding to cover the cost of purchasing these valuable plants from a local nursery. Join us in our last effort to cover service efforts costs by making a donation today! Your contributions will allow our 60 to 80 volunteers to plant various plants to help reinforce the dune formation.

Location: Aviones beach in Piñones

Piñones is a mostly undeveloped coastal area, that lies between lagoons of the San Juan Bay Estuary and the Atlantic Ocean. Piñones is on the border of the main San Juan metro area and only 7.8 km from the intercontinental hotel. Aviones beach suffered heavy erosion as a result of hurricane


We will work with the San Juan Bay Estuary Program to revegetate Aviones beach with coastal plants with the goal of promoting sand dune formation. Re-establishing sand dunes will buffer this coastal area from further erosion and protect the local community and lagoons from excessive flooding during future storms.

Activity details:

Meeting time/location: 7:30 am on the round-about in front of the Intercontinental Hotel. Two coach buses will transport volunteers to Aviones beach.

Work: We will be planting coastal plants such as sea grapes on a sandy, exposed beach from 8am to 12pm.

What to bring: Sunscreen, caps, sunglasses, and a rain jacket if rain is forecasted. Close-toed shoes are recommended and we request that volunteers bring a reusable water bottle to minimize waste associated with this activity. We will have large jugs of water that volunteers can use to refill their bottles. Lunch money in cash.  The work may not last all morning, so volunteers might want to wear swimsuits/quick dry clothes (and bring a towel) if you want to get in the water and enjoy the beach.

Lunch: The Piñones area is known for its inexpensive, authentic and delicious Puerto Rican street food (think fried foods, grilled meat on stick, and juices), sold in kiosks along the beach front roadside. The coach bus will make one stop for lunch (12:30-1:30 pm) on the way back to the hotel so volunteers can try the local food, and maybe even get in the water. Please bring some lunch money ($10-20 cash will probably suffice).

Day of Service