Southern Division Spring Meetings

The Division typically meets annual sometime between late January to early March.

The 2021 Spring Meeting will be held virtually, April 6-9, 2021  hosted by Virginia Chapter.
The 2022 Spring Meeting is scheduled to held in South Carolina (Charleston, tentatively in-person).
The 2023 Spring Meeting is scheduled to be held in Virginia (in-person, location TBA).
The 2024 Spring Meeting is scheduled to be held in Tennessee (location TBA).
The 2025 Spring Meeting is scheduled to be held in North Carolina (Raleigh).
The 2026 Spring Meeting is TBA (Contact President Kwak if interested in hosting).

2020 Little Rock, Arkansas (View PODCASTS) (Read ABSRACTS)
2019 Galveston, Texas (View PODCASTS) (Read ABSTRACTS)
2018 San Juan, Puerto Rico(View PODCASTS) (Read ABSTRACTS)
2017 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (View PODCASTS) (Read ABSTRACTS)
2016 Wheeling, West Virginia(View PODCASTS) (Read ABSTRACTS)
2015 Savannah, Georgia (View PODCASTS) (Read ABSTRACTS)
2014 Charleston, South Carolina (View PODCASTS)(Read ABSTRACTS)
2013 Nashville, Tennessee (View PODCASTS) (Read ABSTRACTS)
2012 Biloxi, Mississippi  (View PODCASTS) (Read ABSTRACTS)
 2011 Tampa, Florida (View PODCASTS) (Read ABSTRACTS)
Abstracts of oral presentations from almost all of the past spring meetings can be found on the abstract page at Below is a listing of the dates and locations of previous spring meetings.
2010 Asheville, North Carolina
2009 New Orleans, Louisiana
2008 Wheeling, West Virginia
2007 Memphis, Tennessee
2006 San Antonio, Texas
2005 Virginia Beach, Virginia
2004 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2003 Wilmington, North Carolina
2002 Little Rock, Arkansas
2001 Jacksonville, Florida
2000 Savannah, Georgia
1999 Chattanooga, Tennessee
1998 Lexington, Kentucky
1997 San Antonio, Texas
1996 Mobile, Alabama
1995 Virginia Beach, Virginia
1994 Little Rock, Arkansas
1993 Chattanooga, Tennessee