SDAFS Resolutions Process

The Resolutions Committee edits, revises, drafts and recommends to the Division for consideration such resolutions considered prudent and necessary in the furtherance of the purposes and objectives of the Division. The recommendations are presented to the Division at its Annual Meeting.

General or external resolutions are those that place the views of the Division on record on matters of broad concern. In order for external resolutions to be eligible for consideration they must be received by the Resolutions Committee no later than October 1, and must be printed in the Division newsletter before the annual business meeting.

Internal resolutions are those that concern the Division itself. They are eligible for consideration up to and at the annual business meeting.

The resolution adoption process is available in PDF format below.

Current Resolutions

There is currently a draft resolution on the need for comprehensive water quality monitoring of the Lower Mississippi River. It can viewed at this link: water quality monitoring program for the lower Mississippi River_Oct 2022 

Send any comments on this resolution to [email protected] by January 15, 2023.

Chapters and Chapter Subunits are encouraged to submit resolutions. Every fishery encompasses three essential elements: habitat, aquatic species and people. Any issue that impacts those elements may be worthy of a Division resolution. The committee has not considered any resolutions on marine fisheries issues in several years. Resolutions should be sent to Dennis Riecke, Resolutions Committee Chairman ([email protected]) w. 601-432-2207. Resolutions can be submitted at any time but they must be published in a SDAFS newsletter before being considered and voted upon at a SDAFS Annual Business meeting.

Recent Resolutions (2005-2020)