Technical Committees •

Alligator Gar
Nate Smith, Co-Chair
Texas Parks and Wildife
Email: [email protected]

Brandon Simcox, Co-Chair
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
Email: [email protected]

David W. Deaton, Chair
North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
Phone: 828-659-3324 ext 224
Email: [email protected]

Catfish Management
Kris Bodine, Chair
Texas Parks and Wildlife
Phone: 830-866-3356
Email: [email protected]

Pollution Committee
Travis Tidwell, Chair
Texas Parks & Wildlife Department
Phone: 512-389-8612
Email: [email protected]
SDAFS pollution committee history 2016

Sean Kinney, Chair
Inland Fisheries Biologist Manager
Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
Phone (Office): 337-491-2575
Cell: 337-491-2009
E-mail: [email protected]

Small Impoundments
Brett Timmons, Chair
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
Phone: 877-972-5438
Email: [email protected]

Jake Norman, Chair
Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept.
Phone: 903-533-2161
Email: [email protected]

Sarah Baker, Chair
Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Email: [email protected]

Warmwater Streams
Stephen Curtis, Chair
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Email: [email protected]


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