Unit Survival Guide

The Society offers guidelines for building and maintaining an effective and engaging unit.

Unit Guidelines can be found here on The Society’s website.

Unit Leaders Guide (PDF)

Student Subunit Guidelines

Here are some useful links on Robert’s Rules of Order

Robert’s Rule Cheat Sheet

AFS – Robert’s Rules of Order

Important Contact Info

American Fisheries Society
Phone: (301) 897-8616

Membership: Eva Przygodzki
[email protected]

Website: Beth Beard
[email protected]

Continuing Education: Jessica Mosley
[email protected]

Media: Martha Wilson
[email protected]

Meeting Manager: Shawn Johnston
[email protected]

Deputy Director: Dan Cassidy
[email protected]

The AFS Headquarters staff can provide support for a variety of Unit services. For information about these services, including any associated costs, please contact: Jasmine Sewell, ext. 205 or [email protected]