Crayfish Symposium

Thomas Boersig III- Life History of Cambarus Obeyensis, an Endemic Crayfish of the Cumberland Plateau

Bryan Brown- The Crayfish Microbiome: Variation Due to Site, Body Region, and the Influence of Ectosymbionts

Paul Cabe- A Complete Sequence of the Mitochondrial Genome of Orconectes Punctimanus

Robert DiStefano- An Analysis of Suspected Crayfish Invasions in Missouri: Evidence for the Prevalence of ShortRange Translocations and Support for Expanded Survey Efforts

Chesater R. Figiel Jr.-  Crayfish Genetic Studies: Synthesis and Needs

Nicole Graham- Does the Native Geographic Origin of an Invader Affect Stream Structure and Function?

Sujan Henkanaththegedara- Potential Impacts of Invasive Virile Crayfish & Red Swamp Crayfish on Native Piedmont Crayfish: Insights from Laboratory Expts.

Eric Larson- Applying Environmental DNA (eDNA) to Monitor Crayfish Populations

Zachary Loughman- Physical Habitat and Water Quality Correlates for Cambarus Veteranus in the Upper Guyandotte Basin of West Virginia

Cody Rhoden- Highway to Heaven? Roadsides As Preferred Habitat for Two Narrowly Endemic Crayfish

James Stoeckel- Do Environmental Oxygen Requirements Vary with Molt Stage for Crayfish?

Christopher Taylor- The Crayfishes of Alabama Project: A Case Study of Why Faunal Surveys Still Matter

Christopher Taylor- Revealing the Elephant: The Past, Present, and Future of Species Delimitation in Crayfishes

Roger Thoma- Conservation Status of Cambarus Cymatilis: Natural History and Distribution