Fish Management Technical Session

Dave Beasley- Restoring a Trophy Largemouth Fishery: Firing on All Cylinders

Kimberly Bonvechio- Thinking “inside the Box” to Direct American Eel Research Efforts in Florida

Shannon K. Brewer- Landscape and Flow Metrics Affecting the Distribution of a Federally Threatened Fish: Improving Management, Model Fit, and Model Transferability

Jeff Buckingham- Capture and Mortality Rates of Largemouth Bass at Guntersville and Wheeler Reservoirs, Alabama

Amanda Bushon- Return of Stocked Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout to the Angler Creel at Apalachia Reservoir, NC

Nathan Copeland- Predation of Invasive White Perch in Sooner Reservoir: Preliminary Results

Vic DiCenzo- The Effects of Prior Satisfaction and Constraints on the Intention to Resume Fishing for Stocked Trout in Virginia

Colin Dinken- Naturalization of Largemouth Bass from Formulated to Live Diets, with Implications for Hatchery and Fisheries Management

Cole Harty- Population Dynamics of Catfishes in Three Tennessee River Reservoirs and Developing Standardized Sampling Protocols

Corbin D. Hilling- Population Characteristics of Channel Catfish in Cheat Lake, West Virginia

Kevin Keretz- Estimation of Largemouth Bass Survival in a Simulated Catch-andRelease Fishery

Chance Kirkeeng– Effects of Habitat Enhancement on Growth, Condition, and Habitat Use of Largemouth Bass

Sean Lusk- Evaluating the Effects of Threadfin Shad on Largemouth Bass Growth, Condition and Diets in Small Impoundments

John Odenkirk- Trends in Abundance of Northern Snakehead in Virginia Potomac River Tributaries

Dustin M. Smith- Environmental and Biological Correlates of Seasonal Movement Patterns of Walleyes in a Hydropower Reservoir

Jonathan van Senten- Costs of the U.S. Regulatory Environment on Baitfish and Sportfish Aquaculture

Stuart A. Welsh- Patterns and Periodicity of Upstream Passage of American Eels at an Eel Ladder

Chris Wood- Bridgewater Tailrace, NC: Historical and Contemporary Approaches to Managing a Quality Trout Fishery

Alex Aspinwall- Using Population Models to Evaluate Management Alternatives for Gulf-Strain Striped Bass

Jason Clingerman- A Multi-Scale Web-Based Fish Habitat Decision Support Tool

Mary Davis- Riverine Habitat Conservation Planning By the Gulf Coastal Plains and Ozarks LCC

Michael Moore- Scarce As Hen’s Teeth: Abundance Estimation of an Imperiled Appalachian Minnow

Matthew K. Streich- Relative Abundance, Age, and Growth of Red Snapper: A Comparison Between Artificial and Natural Habitats in the Western Gulf of Mexico

Austin Rizzo- A Photogrammetric Method for in Situ Estimation of Body Length and Total Length of Benthic Fishes

Andrew T. Taylor- The Decline of a Fluvial Fish: Species Distribution Models in a Fragmented Riverscape