AFS Emerging Leaders Mentorship Award

The AFS Emerging Leaders Mentorship Award annually funds 4 awards (currently $500 to attend a governing board meeting) among applicants from the AFS Divisions.  AFS extended the deadline to April 19th. If you know of any Emerging Leaders (or you are interested yourself), please have them apply ( or contact me for more information. Note this is not just for early career members but is intended to support members at any stage of their career.


2024 award nominations should be submitted online:

Nominations are due April 1, 2024.

Contact: Michael Colvin, Committee Chair

Past Award Recipients

2014 Justin Davis, Patrick Cooney, Cari-Ann Hayer, and Steve Midway

2015 Alix Blake, Karen M. Dunmall, Gretchen J. A. Hansen, and Jeffrey Jolley

2016 Michael Moore, Dan Nelson, Patrick Shirey, and Sara Turner

2017 Dan Dauwalter, Hilary Meyer, Patrick O’Rouke, and Sara Turner

2018 Nathaniel Lederman, Abigail Lynch, Cheyenne Owen, and Daniel Weaver

2019 Aaron Bunch, Nick Kramer, Brooke Penaluna, and Heather Stewart

2020 Janessa Esquible-Hussion, Corbin Hilling, Michael Lawrence

2021 Brian Gallagher, Daniel Mosier, Christina Murphy, and Kaylyn Zipp

2022 Matthew Mensinger, Tyler Plum, Taylor Saucier, and Kiah Wright

2023 Kyler Hecke, Drew Holloway, Jo Johnson, Matt Wipf